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Food Vending Machines Wichita


Vending Machines Wichita

Heartland Vending can supply you with installed food vending machines for locations who are qualified to offer food.

    Enjoy fresh food ready at a moment's notice, fully prepared with the press of a button:
  • Fresh sandwiches carefully packed under FDA guidelines
  • Refreshing hot soups that warm the soul
  • Delicious baked pastries available at the touch of a button ..
    .and MUCH more!

Halstead, Wichita, Hutchison, Newton, Hesston, Mountridge, Mt Hope, Sedgwick, Burrton, Maise, Park City
You'll notice employees don't leave the building for lunch. Those who work evening and overnight shifts will enjoy having a meal ready at any moment. Your productivity will rise and costs will go down.

Our super clean, state-of-the-art vending machines are regularly stocked and ready for your enjoyment. We offer a wide variety of foods and can completely customize your food choices.
Call 316.772.2945 or email us at to discuss your exciting vending options today!

We are located in Halstead, Kansas but we service a wide area including but not limited to the surrounding cities of Wichita, Hutchinson, Newton, Hesston, Moundridge, Mt Hope, Sedgwick, Burrton, Maize and Park City.